Huevos Rancheros     $11

flour tortilla, two eggs, spiced black beans, cheddar, avocado, salsa

Avocado Toast     $7

Add an egg $2     Add bacon  $3

Fritata     $11

wood fire roasted potatoes, egg scramble with onions & green peppers, smothered in green chili & cheddar

Green Eggs & Ham Pizza     $12

pesto, prosciutto, fresh mozz, arugula & an egg

Biscuit Sammy     $12

jalapeno cheddar biscuit, two eggs, spiced sausage, herb cream cheese, avocado, pico

Eggs on Toast     $12

scrambled eggs with onions & peppers, cheddar on sourdough toast, red pepper jam, bacon

Alibi Tower     $12

sourdough English muffin, bacon, two eggs, tomato, avocado, arugula salad

Stacked Raspberry Cream Sourdough Pancakes     $12

Cranberry Walnut French Toast     $10


Brunch is served Sundays from 9am to 12pm




Rosé Spritzer     $8

Square One Botanical, lavender syrup

Rosé Jello Shots     2 for $3

Erath Rosé     $5

Velvet Mocha     $6.50

Bailey’s, hot cocoa, coffee

Mimosa or Mimosa Board     $6/$24

Bright Orange Moscow     $7.50

Lavender Bees Knees     $7.50

Hendricks Gin, lemon, lavender syrup