Our breads are all naturally leavened, made entirely with organic wheat and specialty grains. Locally sourced wheat, hand-crafted daily with long fermentation. All our breads contain 10-60% freshly milled flour, which is milled daily to keep the nutritious germ oil and unique aromas of the grain intact. Using a natural sourdough starter in our breads maintains the tradition of long fermentation to improve flavor and quality. Each loaf from start to finish is a 36-hour process.

Bread rack

Apricot Pecan

Our light sourdough studded with unsulphered dried apricots and roasted pecans.  Slightly sweet.

Castelvetrano Olive

Our light sourdough, studded with bright green castelvetrano olives, lemon zest, and Herbs de Providence.


Our sourdough take on the traditional Italian “slipper bread”.  Thin crust, moist interior, makes great sandwiches.

Cranberry Walnut

Our light sourdough with whole fresh cranberries and toasted walnuts.  Featured on our Sunday Brunch menu as our house French toast.

Deli Rye

Our natural rye starter was created over 20 years ago by Jeffrey Hamelman.  Whole grain fresh milled rye is used.  Inside interior spotted with caraway seed.


Fresh milled organic emmer flour.  Emmer is an ancient grain, and was first domesticated in the B.C. era.  The University of Wyoming Neolithic Grain program provides the Emmer berries that we use in our milling.

Jalapeno Cheddar

Our light sourdough with fresh jalapenos and sharp cheddar.  Makes the BEST BLT sandwich!


Fresh milled organic einkorn flour. Einkorn is the most primitive form of wheat, containing only 14 chromosomes, whereas modern wheat contains 42. Einkorn does not have the D chromosome, which seems to be connected with wheat intolerance in humans. Einkorn is digestibly friendly and contains more protein and anti-oxidents than modern wheat. Our Einkorn loaf contains 60% fresh milled Einkorn.

Red Fife

Fresh milled organic red fife, sourced from Wyoming Heritage Grain in Powell Wyoming. Red Fife is the oldest variety of wheat in Canada and was the most popular grown in the 1860’s, it has nearly disappeared by 2019.


Whole wheat sourdough with generous additions of flax seed and sunflower seeds.

Oat Porridge

Porridge breads are a great way of adding additional flavor and nutrition to bread.  We like to use organic rolled oats, slightly fermented with our sourdough starter.

Rustic Wheat

A light sour whole grain wheat bread.  20% fresh milled.

Rustic White

Leavened with our natural wild starter, lightly sour, this bread is great for sandwiches or just butter.  10% fresh milled wheat.

Sesame Wheat Gruyere

This whole wheat bread takes on a smoky flavor from the toasted sesame seeds and smoked gruyere cheese.

Sourdough Baguette

Our take on the classic French baguette, crisp exterior, soft cream interior.


Spelt that is used in our breads was grown in Wyoming by the University of Wyoming Neolithic Grain program.


Our take on the famous German bread.  Fresh milled Spelt, rye flour and pumpernickel flour with heavy additions of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.  Slightly sour with a buttermilk tang, slightly sweet with honey.

Garlic Parmesan Black Pepper

Our light sourdough with fresh garlic, parmesan and black pepper.

Family Loaf

Our take on the classic PB&J sliced bread.  Perfect for kids, still sourdough and mostly wheat, but adding honey gives it a family friendly feel.